Monday, 20 July 2009


With the effort of training you horse to get used to the sheet flapping around this could be the cheapest most effective halloween horse fancy dress costume as all you need is some sheets.
Though I wouldn't advise doing the 3rd picture in which the horse's head is actually completley covered so the horse is 100% relieing on the rider.


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos in your lovely blog. There are some great ideas here. I'll be adapting one or other of them for a bicycle for this weekend, and another one for a llama in October. I'm very grateful for the inspiration.
    Very best wishes from France,

  2. Thank you for you knida comment and for looking at the blog
    These pictures are ones i found whilst looking for inspiration ones i thought i should share for all to njpy
    I would love to feature your picture on the blog if you would be willing. I hope your costume went well