Sunday, 19 July 2009


I have infact just made myself one of these, I bought 2m^2 of red material which i cut out and made into a cloak for me and the rest into a square for the horse (like an exercise sheet)
I then got 2 pieces of red felt and two of yellow and made the superman logo, one (smaller) which i stuck to a blue t-shirt i bought and the second to a blue lycra horse head and neck hood(if prefered can be tied)
as i already had the lycra hood is cost me under £10 to make yet still looks effective
And if you are really serious you could also make yourself a hat cover/ put a black wig on top, then wear red half chaps (or red long socks over the top) and wear red underwear(or shorts) over blue johdpurs and with the left over material from the logos a belt.

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